Earrings, earrings, earrings! Some really wonderful earrings here!

Handmade Jewelry *** FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING with a $30 minimum purchase. Just add coupon code FREESHIP30 (all one word) at checkout. You must add coupon code to receive free shipping. This mens cross necklace is handmade by me using copper wire. To make it, I forged thick copper wire, flattening and texturing it at the same time. I soldered the cross together, and wire-wrapped the center for decorative effect. The cross was dipped into an antiquing solution to darken the metal before I burnished it; this hig… Copper Wire Jewelry | … copper wire small handmade wirework by mycorabella leaves solid copper Green turquoise magnesite chip dangles surrounded by hammered, antiqued copper…

Moonstones and Antiqued Copper Swirled wire wrapped necklace by BearRunOriginals on Etsy Идеи по созданию украшений – Pandahall.com WordPress.com

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