Byzantine Masterpiece Necklace, 6th-7th Century ADThis outstanding necklace is among the finest pieces of early Byzantine jewelry still…

Sapphire Earrings BRACCIALI BIZANTINI Byzantine Gemstone Ring, Constantinople, 6th – 7th century, made of gold, sapphire and inlaid mother of pearl. Gold Ring of Architectural Form Byzantine, 6th-7th century

Necklace with Pendant Crosses , 6th–7th century Made in probably Constantinople , Byzantine , Gold, pearl sapphire, smokey quartz, quartzEarring or ornament for a diadem, Crete, first half of 10th century, gold, garnets, pearls, sapphires, emeralds, and glass, Athens, National Archaeological Museum, Stathatos Collection Post-Byzantine Golden cross pendant. c 13th century